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Maribel Roca-Vich: Born as a Claroyance-Medium, and
working as a Spirit and Esoteric Advicer, Esoteric teacher,
Holistic course teacher in personally development
much more.

She was born on the island Mallorca (Spain) and she have
been working all her life as adult like a mentor, medium,
consult  ,zone-therapy
and also been working with
and professional courses for more then 25 years.

She have been working and a subject in local tv and in
paper media in sweden and in some other countries


If enoght people read the following pray every day so can
it be miracles, spreads of lights in the darkness, peace in
the world and calmness of mother earths troublesome and

Allmighty in the univers, look on the humen kind, that shall take
and keep your great inheritance. Look on our defects and abilitys,
look to our hearts of  gold, silver or stone. with your unlimited love
bless our lifes, our ways, our acts, our dreams and our desires.

you allmighty with your love!! when you bless all of this, and
everything we make, make it be so it will be only light, light of
everything, because this is the best thing that can happend to us,
to be pure in our hearts and worthy to met you and take your great
inheritance of happyness in your paradise, and to be near you in
complet love, let the love unite us all. - Amen




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